Whole Dried Chillis and Chilli Powder Pack


Whole Dried Chillis

We have grown these chillis from seed in the heart of the Wye Valley in Wales, U.K.


They have been hand picked and then dried for several hours at a low temperature. 


Dried whole chillis can be left in water to rehydrate, then used as normal in your cooking, or can be ground up into chilli flakes, the option is yours!


Each pack contains three different types of chillis in individual jars. You can select from a mild, hot, super hot or mixed pack!


Chilli Powder


Again from our own stock, these have been dried for several hours at a low temperature and then crushed with a pestle and mortar, before blitzing in a coffee grinder!


Perfect for adding to dishes when cooking, you can add a little at a time!  Also for sprinkling on cooked food for that chilli kick.


Each pack contains 4 types of chilli powder, Cayenne, Kashmiri, hot and super hot.


Perfect for a gift!

Whole Dried Chillis/Powder Pack